On April 15, 2017 all staff of ACT went outside for barbecue.

On this Saturday all colleagues of ACT got out early, because waiting for them was a pleasant outdoor barbecue. At ten o'clock in the morning, we went to visit the residence of He Lin, it's very beautiful and we took photos here.

After then we found a beatiful and clear river and started our nice day from the river barbecue. Someone cut up vegetables and lighted a fire, the others roasted meat, we helped each other and performed our duties. At last we ate our delicious barbecue, what a wonderful day!


Although that day was very hot, we all were very happy. This activity enhanced the friendship between us, and we can have a rest on weekend. Besides it also helps us to do better at work.

Those are our colleagues and beatiful views!


ACT staff enjoy Outdoor Barbecue to welcome Spring


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